Hi ✌️

You probably ended up on this site because you want to get to know me better. So let’s start… After I finished my apprenticeship as a graphic designer in Darmstadt I moved to Berlin to work for an advertising agency. Now I’m back in Darmstadt where I just finished my Bachelor’s Degree in in Interactive Media Design. ?

I grew up in the Sauerland – a region in the countryside of Germany with lots of trees and hills. That’s probably why I love nature to this day and have a lot of plants at home. This way I can have a little bit of nature around me even while living in the city. ??? ?

Besides that I am engaged in the JuKuz Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt – there I contribute my graphic design skills and also help in organizing shows.

What else?..Mhhh..?
Ask me or just say hi, hello, guten tag. 🙂